SCIN (Skin care intervention in nurses) study

Question: How many field workers are required to undertake all of the tasks (consenting, taking photographs and paperwork) when recruiting participants to the SCIN study?

Answer: Ideally two field workers working as a team. One field worker can do the consenting (taking informed consent) and handing out the baseline questionnaire while the other field worker takes the photos. A field worker working alone can do all the tasks that are required but it will take a little longer. They could consider pre-filling a lot of the data fields on the paperwork to save time.

Fieldworkers should try to collect the participants’ completed questionnaires at the time they photograph participants’ hands. Once they have left, they are less likely to return the questionnaire.

A high response rate is important for the scientific validity of the study.

Question: What are some of the most common problems I may experience?

Answer: Forgetting to make sure the camera is set up according to the standard operating procedure (e.g remembering to raise the flash on the camera when taking the hand/wrist photographs), forgetting to check that all forms have been completed in full before the participant leaves and making sure each participant returns their completed baseline questionnaire in the sealed envelope provided.

Question: How many participants do I need to recruit?

Answer: Participating sites are encouraged to recruit at least 40 participants (both student nurses and ICU nurses) to the study. Ideally, we would like as many willing participants as possible, ensuring only participants who meet the inclusion criteria as recruited into the study.

Question: What can I do in advance to make sure I’m fully prepared prior to recruiting participants into the study?

Answer: Allow sufficient time to make sure the battery on the camera has been charged and making sure the set up of the camera is correct, and ensuring you have a sufficient supply of study forms /pens

Question: I’m not sure of the process I need to follow?

Answer: The SCIN research team have developed step-by-step flowcharts which outlines the key activities that you need to follow. In addition, field workers are encouraged to refer to the ‘protocol’ since this provides detailed information about the study procedures. If you are still unsure of the process you need to follow then please contact the SCIN team in London via email: scintrial@gstt.nhs.uk . Alternatively, you can contact Vaughan Parsons (SCIN trial manager) on 020 7188 7188 ext 53678 or Barbara Smiley (SCIN trial administrator) 020 7188 7397

Question: What do I take on the day (when recruiting participants to the study)?

Answer: Camera, grey background, participant ID label for the grey background and clip (with lens, battery and SD card), all study paperwork (participant study packs containing all the forms, including business reply envelopes).

Question: How do I do the ward-based audit?

Answer: Contact the Lead ICU nurse and explain what you will be doing (see: Ward-based audit form). Let them know that you will be doing the audit on a regular basis. You will also need to ensure you have obtained a key to access the hand fluid dispensers from either the Lead ICU nurse or domestic staff. Have a walk around the ward so that you’re familiar with the location of all dispensers. Use the regular audits to keep the ICU nurses informed of the progress of the trial.

Question: I have a problem or issue that I’m unsure how to resolve?

Answer: Field workers are encouraged to contact the SCIN research team as soon as possible using the SCIN email website: scintrial@gstt.nhs.uk or by contacting Vaughan Parsons (SCIN trial manager) on 020 7188 7188 ext 53678 or Barbara Smiley (SCIN trial administrator) 020 7188 7397