Research team


  • Dr Ira Madan: Is the Chief Investigator and brings expertise in NHS occupational health, pragmatic research and translating research findings into policy. Dr Madan is based at Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust
  • Tina-thumbProf Dame Tina Lavender CBE: is an experienced Nursing/Midwifery researcher with expertise in clinical trials in relation to skin care practices. Prof Dame Lavender is based at the University of Manchester
  • Barry-cookson-thumbProf Barry Cookson: has expertise in hand hygiene, medical microbiology, infection prevention and control of infection. Prof Cookson is based at Royal Free Hampstead NHS Foundation Trust
  • David-Coggon-smallProf David Coggon OBE: brings expertise in the epidemiological aspects of design, analysis and interpretation. Prof Coggon is based at University of Southampton
  • Prof Paul McCrone: is an experienced health economist who will aid with the trial design and economic evaluation. Prof McCrone is based at King’s College London
  • Hywel-Williams-smallProf Hywel Williams: has expertise in the design and delivery of dermatology clinical trials plus content expertise as a clinical dermatologist. He will be providing a key role in the dissemination of results. Prof Williams is based at the University of Nottingham
  • Dr John English: has a wide experience in the field of occupational dermatology and undertaking clinical trials. Prof English is based at Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust
  • Lesley-Rushton-thumbDr Lesley Rushton: advises on occupational epidemiology and statistics. Dr Rushton is based at Imperial College London
  • Dr Julia Smedley: advises on OH operational aspects of methodology and is aiding with recruitment of Trusts. Dr Smedley is based at University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust
  • Dr Alison Wright: has expertise in psychological aspects of intervention design and evaluation and will assists in the development of the behavioural change programme. Dr Wright is based at King’s College London
  • Ms Caroline Murphy: manages the UKCRC registered Kings CTU at KCL and is experienced in all aspects of study conduct. Ms Murphy is based at King’s College London.
  • Ms Georgia Ntani: is responsible for the statistical aspects of design, analysis and interpretation of the trial. Ms Ntani is based at the University of Southampton.